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Animal Law - Equine Law - Animal Welfare

General Animal Laws:

N.H. RSA 284:38
         Malicious Interference wtih Horses or Dogs
N.H. RSA 427:33-37    Humane Slaughter Law
N.H. RSA 435:1-5        Breeding Animals
N.H. RSA 435-14         Treatment of Horses
N.H. RSA 436:24-30    Importation of Other Domestic Animals
N.H. RSA 436:31-33    Investigations and Reports
N.H. RSA 436:93-98    Equine Infectious Anemia
N.H. RSA 436:99-104  Rabies Control Act
N.H. RSA 448:2            Agister's Lien Statute (Boarding Horses)
N.H. RSA 508:19          N.H. Equine Activity Liability Statute
N.H. RSA 564-B:4-408  Animal Trust

Sale of Pets, Pet Stores, Unclaimed Animals
Dogs and Cats

N.H. Criminal Code and N.H. Animal Cruelty Laws.

    Cruelty to Animals
    Destruction of Property
    Unauthorized Entry/Trespass
    Exhibition of Fighting Animals
    Animals in Motor Vehicles
    Docking Horse Tails
    Animal Use in Science Classes
    Interference with Organizations or Projects Involving Animals
    Dogs in Pickup Trucks
    Exposing Poisons

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