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General Practice Success Stories.

During her tenure as corporate counsel, Attorney Morris practiced a diverse range of law throughout numerous courts in Massachusetts and N.H.  She appeared before several administrative agencies, including the Department of Labor, the Public Utilities Commission, and the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board. In addition, Attorney Morris has negotiated many settlement agreements, avoiding unnecessary, expensive and time consuming litigation for clients. Some of her successes include:

  • General Civil Litigation: the second party to a contract refused to pay my client for the work performed. Avoiding litigation and expensive legal fees, we negotiated a settlement and my client recovered all costs for the services rendered.
  • Environmental Claims and Remediation: worked with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to devise a remediation plan for toxic waste on land owned by my client. Through cooperation and negotiation, we developed a plan to satisfy state and federal requirements and avoided excessive penalties and legal costs.
  • Employment and Labor Law: conducted Employment and Labor Law training for my client's Human Resources department and updated handbooks to reduce my client's risk of future employment-related litigation.
  • Business/Corporate Law: reviewed and revised bylaws and conflict of interest clauses for local corporations to ensure compliance with N.H. Laws. Created a local animal rescue non profit, helping my client complete the state and federal forms.
  • Copyright/Trademark Law: conducted extensive historical research regarding ownership and use of a world reknown copyright and trademark to prove ownership of the mark and to enjoin infringement abroad.

"Animal Law" success stories: 

My clients include individuals and business owners, including animal owners, non-profit organizations and animal rescues,  farriers, veterinarians, doggie day cares and boarding facilities, and more.

Breeder Liability and Cost Recovery: A dog breeder sold puppies with severe hip dysplasia. I went to battle to have my client dog's surgical bills paid. I also demanded the breeder alert all the litter's owners as to the dysplasia and neuter the parent dogs.

Sale of Goods: Fraud and mispresentation during the sale of a horse imported from Holland. Argument over which law applied and amount of damages.  My client received her purchase price back plus damages for expenses (importation, vet and care for two weeks).

Construction: Breach of contract and unworkmanlike construction on a horse barn left my client with an unsafe, uncompleted structure. A new contractor was hired to correct and complete the barn at no cost to my client. Additional damages were paid to my client for incidental damages.

Business Formation: Formed a non-profit resuce organization in New Hampshire (under state and federal law), assisting my client in drafting the Articles of Agreement, By-laws, IRS forms, and Conflict of Interest documents.

Risk Management: Prepared contracts for businesses (such as boarding facilities) which included an assessment of current risk exposure and drafting new sales, leases, hold harmless clauses, boarding agreements, insurance coverage and hauling contracts.

Ownership Dispute: Partners disputed the share of veterinary costs and resale value of a horse due to injury.  Through an evaluation by a neutral veterinarian and a trainer, I negotiated the buy out price and dissolved the partnership.

Custody: Divorcing couple, who co-owned two dogs, went to court to determine who would get sole ownership of the dog.

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