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    The Law Offices of Patricia Morris, PLLC is engaged in the practice of animal law, equine law and animal welfard. "Animal law" consists of the traditional areas of law, as they apply to animals such as sales and leases, animals, business formation, liability and risk management, and tax. Equine law is a specific area of animal law; in many areas of the law equine/livestock are subject to a different set of rules (such as inherent risks, animal cruelty etc). Animal welfare is any situation where an animal is being harmed and the law can provide legal protection.  This includes animal cruelty prosecution and the lobbying for protective legislation in the state and federal governments.

     We have included links to other websites that we hope will be useful to you. This website contains a wealth of information relating to N.H. animal law, N.H. legislation, local interest stories and animal rescue organizations. On our Contact Us page, you can sign up for email updates for recent changes in the law, status of state and federal legislation, and current events. 

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Legal Services Offered:  Animal and equine law are subject to most laws, such as the sale of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code, torts (personal injury, property damage), business formation (doggie day care, horse stables, syndications), non profit law (shelters, rescues), leases and estate planning.  Specifically...                                        

    Business Formation, such as Partnerships,  LLCs, and Corporations. 
    Drafting and Filing of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. 
    Purchase and Sale Agreements - Lease Agreements (full and half, free and paid)     Boarding Agreements. 
    Risk Management - indemnification, hold harmless agreements, and liability waivers. 
    Ownership Rights and Dispute Management. 
    Real Estate Sales, Zoning, and Easements.  
    Wills, Trusts and Estates. 
    Insurance Claims (dog bites, personal injury, etc). 
    Employment and Labor Law.

Animal Law Issues:
- Incorporating your animal sole proprietorship into a business. entity
- Registries such as the AKC, USEF, AQHA, AMHA, USDF, FEI etc.
- International importing/exporting of horses  and competitions, including FEI and Olympic events.
- Tax consequences of animal activities, hobbies, and businesses.
- Housing disputes involving "no pets" policies and discrimination laws.
- Custody battles and ownership disputes.
- Enforceable trusts and estate planning for the care of animals.
- Criminal law encompassing domestic violence and anit-cruelty laws.
- Drafting legislation to protect animal rights for all animals, including wildlife, domestic
pets and service animals.
- Municipal Law:  Zoning issues and compliance with local munipalities.
- Real estate contracts: creating conservation easements, purchase and sale contracts for commercial businesses and private farms.
- Business law: sales of goods, product liability, faulty construction.
- Purchase and Sale Agreements: unhealthy animals.

Please note: As a general rule, I do not handle veterinarian malpractice claims.

Give me a call or send an email to schedule an initial consultation. Initial consultations are $250.00. This amount will be credited towards your account should we enter into a representation agreement. Prepayment is required. Initial consultations shall be no longer than one hour in length.

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